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Low fever a month

It is very easy to have a lot of patients are in below the circumstance of low fever of hair giving durative, in that way state is actually very of the risk, because the body level of each person is different completely, chronic hair low fever makes clear to be put in our human body have a lot of agnail, if was not obtained instantly cure, this kind of agnail is met more and more more and more serious, cause then more more serious illness, how should a month do that Zuo low fever?

Be certain we all is aimed at have a fever to not allow Yi Tai is too not close, having a fever is the very common disease in daily life of a kind of life, healthy to body body and mind of the person harm is not exceedingly big, but have a fever,be very disadvantageous, accordingly we all still cannot be harmed with what oversight has a fever. Have a fever below all regular state, several not better than last 2 days, if a person is durative,a month gets ground low fever word, it is unusual for certain, this kind of situation is created commonly, very much likely cancer is caused, healthy to the patient’s body and mind harm is very great, and even the life that can endanger a patient badly, because this Wu is necessary,begin regular inspection to the hospital instantly cure talent is enough.

Low fever because cancer is caused,a month is likely very, and the harm with healthy to body body and mind of the person cancer is certain we all is understanding completely, cancer is a kind ve[……]


Is of the same branch of a family being met the 3rd day bed?

Want to obtain a success to be pregnant word, belles should learn computation oviposit period, because everybody understands, after oviposit of the same branch of a family gets a word, pregnant percent of pass is the biggest, but each female does not have a law very the computational oviposit with accurate essence period, because this wants to choose oviposit period,this paragraph of time lives life of husband and wife, after perfect oocyte eduction of the female comes, do not meet rapid subsidise, just can live between a paragraph of , is the 3rd day is returned after that Zuo of the same branch of a family deny can embryonic bed?

Make love the 3rd day can embryonic bed?

A lot of people make the issue that does not know embryonic bed nowadays, not clear make love a few days can embryonic bed, some people want to understand Jian fruit impatiently. But no matter be what,say those who need a whole process, include be pregnant also is same, between the that a lot of people want to know embryonic bed needs a few days, but this also is not affirmative without doubt, the can embryonic bed after that makes love上海千花网论坛 3 days?

The meeting after making love 3 days is embryonic bed

In the light of a lot of ladies character, spermatozoon is worn the bed is to did not have all feeling, after male spermatozoon enters the vagina, can live 2 to 3 days, period inside if come up against oviposit period, can be pregnant. The service life of oocyte also is 2 fall to 3 skies,[……]


Left half body pins and needles

Hand or it is a foot the circumstance of pins and needles giving falls and do not care, but when left half sideways body just began apathetic circumstance to fall, can make a person very anxious, fear one day human body just began coma up and down all over, can affect a , and even it is all regular jobs and job in, the half coma of human body, can create authority above travel influential, and the most important is should search search and this kind of reason is relevant.

Come on reason

One, metabolic what nutrient composition is deficient in and calls nerve limb coma: ? て of humorous of buccal Li take along sth to sb closelies question  of  of  of Yao of some ξ rich Shi melt saliva of inclined Ran of slash  Qi subtles now   evil spirit wisdom Fei barium seeks vitamin of body of patient of? of Fei of ≡ of arm of Mian of  of ±  K B a group of things with common features is deficient in badlier, and cause limb coma.

2, : of pins and needles of sex of toxic side-effect spirit?  of Jie of Hao of  of boat of fish hawk of earnestly of army of vertebra of Gu of another name for Guangdong Province of  of Zhun of Gong of  of ⑶ of Luo of ⑸ of  of discharge of planning gizzard of て of humorous of buccal Li take along sth to sb only then eight broads busy of drawer of forge of ⒁ of dirty  yo like that   returns Yu of U of two of Mu ヅ Mou to with a chirp thank    adze, accompany move of formic travel of aching, skin more.

3, the: of neuritis sex p[……]


About 8 misunderstanding of masturbation

Misunderstand 1

Immature outstanding talent masturbates. Right answer: Masturbate from the patent that is not a youngster, it is the lifestyle that can last all one’s life only. Data findings report, in the group of 60 years old of above, the person of the rarest 1/3 experiences masturbation individual behavior. Accordingly, masturbation is not immature sexual individua上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所l behavior, it is mature mark only.



Can be pignut and black s龙凤419贵族宝贝oya bean fed together

Those who be certain modern society every family ought to have fabaceous paddle opportunity put have, and the person can make be drunk in the home after machine of paddle having a beans go down the fabaceous paddle of health of delicate and goluptious body and mind, a lot of different food can choose in the whole process that does soya-bean milk, for instance groundnut of black soya bean is a few healthy and good food that often are added in fabaceous paddle. And in make black soya bean and groundnut still can be added below the circumstance of a few nourishing soup, can but is black soya bean mixed,groundnut eat together?

Groundnut of black soya bean is big soup of jujube breast enhancement:

Raw material: Black soya bean, groundnut, big jujube each 500 grams, old rock candy is liked according to oneself, water is proper.

Course of action: 1.Black soya bean and groundnut are cleaned invade bubble with salt water one evening, go with cold bath again salinity. 2. Raw material is all in be being put into boiler, cook boil in a covered pot over a slow fire. 3. Cool hind put into freezer early in eat a bowl late each.

Common problem: 1. must drink refrigerant;2. Early in must drink late.

How ought to black soya bean eat

Black soya bean has so much effect to health of body and mind, but do not suit to be changed into, gastric bowel is very bad easy and abdominal distension. That Zuo Wen Zhongjiang intense r南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发ecommends 2 kinds of black soya bean have[……]


Comm夜上海最新论坛on disease apply sticks therapeutics

Everybody understands a few ointment can be stuck below the circumstance that we feel human body is aching, can have stop pain practical effect, but actually plaster is stuck also is to a lot of is pay attention to, we can be stuck in aching position, still can stick on the road in certain acupuncture point, in acupuncture point on the road it is OK that the circumstance that plaster sticks falls cure is very varied disease, and ointment divides Cheng Bing apply ointment and apply medicines of a hot or warm nature cream, what is that Zuo general symptom sticks apply therapeutics cure?

One, the action that acupuncture point apply sticks cure

The academic content that acupuncture point apply sticks cure to produce effect of sanitarian preserve one’s health adequately to the body is ” adjust main and collateral channels, shade of balanced this world ” as a result of the vital organs of the human body of the vest in inside 12 passages through which vital energy circulates, outside subsi广州夜网 广州夜网diary channels in the human body through which vital energy at limb section, additional, can courage and uprightness, battalion open secret, immerse bone muscle, benefit condyle, lukewarm kidney hides, consequently, move the solid empty of main and collateral channels, can treat 10 thousand disease. Acupuncture point apply sticks cure is cure of a kind of when medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns multifarious interference, its action mechanism is very complex,[……]