Gastric pylorus t上海千花网论坛umour

Gastric pylorus t上海千花网论坛umour

Gastric pylorus tumour Zuo of this kind of state is cannot of enough oversight, if not quite so advertent that the word meets those who make the be in a bad way of oneself, cause evil change of tumor, once generation gets a word to use those who guard cure once more without method, want to apply operation cure without fail, only the tumour that just can excise oneself in that way, achieve the eye land of cure then, patient of take second place still needs to begin the skill that puts cure to begin dig up the roots.

1. operation cure

(The one part that 1) effects a radical cure art hand standard includes cancerous kitchen and the stomach that get less than of mucous membrane of the stomach that invade embellish possibly to be excised whole piece one or all, what by clinical medicine instalment the standard eliminates gastric periphery whole piece one is lymphatic and nodal, answer build digestion.

(Cure of operation of 2) appeasement sex sends kitchen to do not have a law to excise formerly, so that because,alleviate infarction, broken aperture, bleed the disease that disease of hair waiting for disease causes and made operation treatment, if gastric jejunum resection, jejunum makes filling art of mouth, broken Kong Xiu,wait.

2. puts cure

Before the operation that in order to effects a radical cure art operation is treated, after the operation combining in art, increase keep current. Patient of cancer of the stomach chooses evening to put cure appropriately, can alleviate the development trend rate of tumor, improve disease, have certain practical recently effect. Next beardless Zuo help normal case after resection of inchoate cancer of the stomach put cure, the person that have the following state should Zuo aids put cure: Pathology sort is evil change gross area of kitchen of cancer of horizontal tall; exc广州夜网 广州夜网eeds 5 centimeter; to send age of; of sexual cancer kitchen to be less than 40 years old more. After entering resection of exhibition period cancer of the stomach, after appeasement art, the person that break out after resection needs to put cure.

Common cancer of the stomach changes cure to to medical way to be taken orally gives medicine, aorta buy to be in charge of an area to note an oar to wait to medicine to medicine, vein, peritoneal antrum. Common profess to convinced changes cure medicine to have for add blessing of fluorine, actor to decide, fluorine Tie Long. Common vein changes cure medicine to fluorine Niao pyrimidine, silk cracks mildew of mildew element, suitable platinum, A, rely on acyl of berth glucoside, armour calcium of 4 hydrogen folic acid. Some closer many years platinum of Xi Zisha alcohol, oxalic acid, develop attacks cancer of the stomach treats the in order to of new the medicine that change cure such as structural enzymatic depressor, Xiluoda.

3. target to medication

Target to medication but purpose sex ground harms tumor cell, alleviate harms of all regular system cell. Show target of level cancer of the stomach to medication drug type and effect all finite. Target to medication key of medicines an西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛d chemical reagents has cortical cell to grow delay of factor protein kinase gets together agent, blood-vessel is changed into delay to get together delay of cycle of agent, cell gets together agent, cell is necrotic vulcanization accelerant, help advance somebody’s career enzymatic depressor of matrix metal albumen.

4. other cure

The immune therapeutics of cancer of the stomach is included force is destroyed after be not conditioner of excellent microbial report to because the; such as element reachs his to if the net knits red blood cell to stimulate a word,change therapeutics of the immunity that surname a gender,wait for; cell factor like BCG vaccine, Xianggu mushroom polysaccharide. Fighting blood-vessel to produce genetic gene is the gene therapy means with scientific more research, the likelihood fills minute of play in the cure of cancer of the stomach.



Bending over to sleep leg pins and nee上海外菜会所dles

Because breathing space is short, a lot of labour firewood a group of things with common features and student party are to bend over to go up to office table, or be be begin on the table fall asleep. Bend over to be not resembled on the table sleep lie on the bed that ki南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发nd is comfortable, although also make a person falling asleep, but bending over,the circumstance that sleep falls, goes out above the body a lot of afflictive report, for instance gastric ministry bilges gas and crural ministry coma. But in the whole process that bending over to sleep for what, can crural ministry of the person give coma case slowly?

Lying siesta gets a word, the person’s leg can bend the case that lose for a long time at of course, in that way circumstance can bring about hematic arteries and veins to cut off, cause take arteries and veins to be illogical free, and once give in that way state, can cause crural pins and needles of course, an appearance that still having a very crucial reason is a lot of people it is to have by accident, accordingly, sure in that way meeting is caused lying the pose sleeping below the circumstance of siesta also is to have very big problem, the possibility of pins and needles of foot giving also is met of course big a lot of.

Lying the malpractice of siesta also mirrors in 2 levels: The first level is in that way siesta method can sleep not dependably to you normally,南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所 in the circumstance that wakes partly at a half dream; in addition a level is to bending over to sleep the look that meets you is sufferred be oppressed, between long can cause intraocular pressure to lift, the eye eyesight that lets oneself then suffers a harm, the probability that because because this is bending over,sleep in that way,also gives glaucoma is met a few bigger.

There is what lead via affectionately to march toward wiring inside human body, everything one is having Chinese UniCom effect, have carriage oxygen chroma alternant nutrition composition serves as. The medicine in using gets a word ” detailed rules indolence, aching to jam ” , those who point to is gas blood smooth ability is OK spirit enrages bright. When body arm the turn is folded hold in the arms when writing cerebrum to bending over to sleep, dot of centre of gravity is centralized nod in certain, of course approach of press press of arm main and collateral channels, long-term also turn breaks hand leg, bring about hematic arteries and veins to cut off, take arteries and veins to be illogical free, partial blood is mixed not quite for making oxygen blood not circulatory system. Main show is limb pins and needles, the activity is troublesome, wait to be met a bit commonly at that time subsidise rehabilitate of course.

What does the malpractice that bending over to sleep have?

When 1. takes a nap normally mood of the angst in the heart, sleep to not be free from anxiety. The idea wakes partly in half dream circumstance, be scared very easily in that way.

2. take second place, bending over to sleep the look can be sufferred be oppressed, the vision that brief sex can give commonly after taking a nap drops. If long-term in that way, can cause intraocular pressure exorbitant, eye eyesight is injured, if things go on like this can make the look expands, eye axis grows, produce deepness myopia, promote the sicken rate of glaucoma very easily also additionally.

3. is final, long-term sex bends over to fall asleep to the table, vertebral to the neck impact is very big. Time grew to be caused very easily vertebral be out of shape, cause ache of the small of the back. As a result of cervical vertebra bone and interverbebral disc overmuch turn is folded, exceeded common turn badlier to change range, and manage this one case for a long time, can make section of the muscle insecurity of cervical vertebra bone and interverbebral disc, ossicle lies for a long time not only unusual position, still can continue to cause a share unwell feeling.



Overc阿拉后花园ome characteristic of collect favour anal fistula

Ke Luoen disease is the disease of the level of intestines and stomach with a kind of punch-drunk reason, it is to be able to be in the disease that all positions of intestines and stomach are generation, got this kind of disease, healthy to body and mind harm is very big, it is need active and active develop cure, if overcome collect favour disease not instantly cure, can cause anal fistula, if the disease of human body is relatively remarkable,get a word, use up cure of quick worker art to de西安夜网 西安夜网velop cure, but need not eat hot food usually,feed capable person excitantly.

Is character of anal fistula of gram collect favour what?

Ke Luoen is ill (the clinical symptom of CD) is various, 1000 appearance 100 condition. Major patient comes on conceal, disease has first not remarkable, can delay cure; to seldom count a patient to come on quick, fallible examine is acute appendicitis, intestinal obstruction to wait. Its show medical history length differ, after disease of the person that have is sent, cure via treating, already did not break out the person that; has is achieved old or tens of year. Disease is put continuously have, heal hard for a long time or fit and reduce replace to give . Along with the plan that inflammation becomes ill, cause alvine path fiber to change technology finally, bowel provides narrow, block or inbreak through alvine antrum circumjacent and splanchnic organ, organization.

The cent on clinical medicine is initial stage (disease is much not remarkable, the one) of the crucial reason that is this ill diagnose hardship, active period (disease is remarkable) , reduce period (the disease after reasonable cure has t南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发urned) or free sex is active quality (because be opposite,resist more, cure not the standard causes) . Pathology is physiological can divide into earlier, active period, inflammation period or abreaction period etc. This disease is located period different, clinical symptom difference is great, initial stage does not have disease, active period main performance is outstanding, reduce period disease is spent gently.

Anal fistula of gram collect favour basically behaves abscess of week of fistula of vagina of the go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married that it is a skin, naevus, anal fissure, ulcer, anal fistula, rectum, anus, anus to be in charge of duodenum to be reached narrowly evil change tumor, rate of sicken of amid anal fistula is the oldest, companion becomes ill as intestines and stomach all round anus disease: Main show gives ichor to relapse by anus, change heals hard, sao of the skin other anus itchs; gives to control skin of the mouth outside anal fistula of; of problem of defecate vent-pipe function to be able to be shown cardinal or amaranth, surface layer Pi Wengao, touched ache is remarkable, particle of surface layer this shows is flaxen purulent sex secretion, can hear reach change of model of wet fistula of the skin other anus of peculiar smell; .



The 上海贵族宝贝论坛consideration that period shifts to an earlier date and defers

Will tell in the light of the lady, physiology period abandons friend of this one periodic time, can be specific and daily life, the physiology of a lot of ladies period, not be in advance, can back down. Actually, physiology period is in advance Zuo no matter it is defer, it is to have stated reason completely, if exceeded all normal categories to get a word, the level of health of body and mind that indicated a lady puts the issue with having particular. Below, solve official holiday to be mixed ahead of schedule for our detailed the reason of defer!

One, the reason that official holiday shifts to an earlier date

1, disease element: If lady body contracts a few disease, include the agnail of part of male reproduction organ, tumour, cerebral ministry disease, disease of endocrine action unbalance, or it is to take drug for a long time, create lady period very easily not the rule.

2, endocrine action unbalance: Basically be pituitary issueing grave – pituitary – the action of ovarian axis does not stabilize the uterus or have drawback, cause feminine period very easily flabby.

3, drug effect: A few medicines and chemical reagents take the meeting after feeding to cause lady endocrine disorder, some more consistent urgent use contraceptive, put cure to change cure medicines and chemical reagents, cure spirit kind the medicines and chemical reagents of the disease. Stop take after feeding this kind of medicines and chemical reagents, period can restore to come over slowly commonly.

4, the influence of contraceptive annulus: The meeting after the annulus on a few females gives the state that official holiday shifts to an earlier date, this kind of state is beardless too too anxious, period can restore gradually to come over.

5, food is tie-in: If the lady is overmuch,be long-term sexual excitement sexual food and tonic, or because be on a diet,be reduce weight bring about hidebound, c广州夜网 广州夜网ause the change of endocrine environment very easily, create period not the rule.

2, the consideration that menstruation defers

1, be pregnant: 7 days can examine is to have pregnant state after average of the same branch of a family. If there has been sexual life before lady of of the right age, menstruation defers above of a week to consider whether be pregnant. The method that is pregnant clearly has varied, common early pregnant test paper is clear, so that understood oneself accurately to whether be pregnant, can begin hematic HCG to check to hospital outpatient service.

2, element of medicines and chemical reagents: Scientific research shows information, take for a long time urgent use contraceptive, take feed medicine of motivation of prophylactic, stomach bite much glucoside of cane of Thunder God of material of the medicines and chemical reagents with relatively excited function of thyroid gland of Lin, cure, Chinese traditional medicine, can bring about menstruation to defer a of the state. Be aimed at a few medicines and chemical reagents that may cause menstruation to defer, below the state that asks in cleared cure, need is taken effectively below specific guidance of the doctor feed.

3, mental element: Menstruation defers great majority and psychological pressure relevant. If lady spirit is excessive angst is disturbed, pressure crosses great majority to be able to cause menstruation to defer, classics is painful, and even amenorrhoea. One part lady is in physiology period may appear the state such as acid of little stomach strut, waist, it is normal to all belong to everything, beardless too cross angst uneasiness.

4, disease influence: Closely related the health of body and mind of the circumstance of period and lady. Palace neck is sticky even, ovarian function premature senility, ovarian much bursa is asked for integratedly, thyroid element appears the disease such as anemia of unusual, chronic hepatitis, tumour, more severe the sex that be short of iron all can cause menstruation to defer.

3, lady official holiday shifts to an earlier date good Zuo is defer good

1, 35 years old following female

Physiology cycle regularity that nature is to had better not pass, but if pure sex is in advance or defer character,get a word, Zuo is to need to see age. If be 35 years old of following young ladies, official holiday shifts to an earlier date and defer have nothing to do, beardless and anxious. State of mind is flabby, personal feeling act, environment is changed, be pregnant, medicine of stream of people flows, everything kind of element such as unripe child, it is to cause young lady official holiday shifts to an earlier date or defer.

2, 40 years old of females of above

the female that is a西安夜网 西安夜网imed at 40 years old of above, be the old age in stepping already, condition of this time health already unlike year when classics, generally speaking menstruation is deferred always compare shift to an ealier time any better, casual 9 times in advance did not[……]


Gum drops a skin how to return a阿拉后花园 responsibility

The skin since gum is a lot of people put a kind of having problem. This kind of problem, probable because lienal empty place is caused,be. And lienal empty is a lot of people put a kind of having problem, if do not begin take good care of sb to get a word to this kind of disease instantly, also meet a patient produce the effect with serious case, cause a patient varied disease presses a body, fitness is reduced! Below, the differentiate card that introduces lienal theory for we all is applied study way!

1. lienal empty vomits

Symptom: Food is tie-in a bit not careful namely easy vomiting, when be being made when, stop, gastric accept not beautiful, feed change hard, wan abdomen ruffian is frowsty, buccal weak opening does not work, face Bai Shaohua, idle tired is fatigued, glossal color is light, liver mosses white be bored with, immerse of arteries and veins is weak. Lienal empty vomiting is hepatic delicate in health, go against on gastric gas cause. Theory treat: Be good at lienal stop with the stomach vomit. Advocate square: Sweet arenaceous 6 gentleman Tonga is decreased.

Have loose bowels of 2. lienal empty

Symptom: The have diarrhoea when the jalf congealed when defecate, change relapses, be over cereal is not changed, dietary collocation is reduced, the Wan after feeding is frowsty not easy, measure into food of high quantity of heat a bit increase, complexion dried meat is yellow, divine exhaustion idle, glossal weak liver mosses is white, arteries and veins is heavy fine. Lienal empty have loose bowels loses use by lienal empty, wet note intestines and stomach to cause. Theory treat: Ooze of be good at taste is wet treat diarrhoea. Advocate square: The rhizome of large-headed atractylodes that join Ling comes loose alternant.

Oedema of 3. lienal empty

Symptom: The body is swollen, label below the waist very, the dent that press is not easy repair, wan is abdominal distension frowsty, feed accept to reduce, comp广州夜网 广州夜网lexion pedantic, divine exhausted limb is cold, pee is lacked, glossal color is light, liver mosses white clear, heavy delay of arteries and veins. Lienal empty oedema stops by lienal empty water, float excessive skin is caused. Theory treat: Wet detumescence of lukewarm lienal interest. Advocate square: Solid lienal drink is alternant.

4. lienal empty bleeds

Symptom: N/med having blood in one’s stool violet An, very grey black, or pee belt blood, haematemesis, nosebleeding blood and violet spot, the look is weary force, voice of pectoral frowsty be discouraged is small, face white quiet, dazed, glossal color is light, liver mosses white be bored with, arteries and veins is fine lack of power. Lienal empty bleeds therefore lienal empty is wet tired, blood breaks all to photograph for meet with. Theory treat: Be good at lienal beneficial gas photographs blood. Advocate square: Drink of unripe arteries and veins closes ginseng add Shang Jiao each other.

Qing Dynasty of 5. lienal empty is rare

Symptom: Qing Ximian continous is incessant, measure saliva of tears of polychromatic shallow yellow or lubricious Bai Ru, without smelly, and look is simple yellow, mental exhaustion, appetite food is tie-in, lumbar acerbity abdomen drops, or candy of dropsy of ability to walk, defecate is rare wait. Lienal advocate carry turns water juice, lienal empty is digested absorb weak and incompetent, get together wet detain is noted, the injury assumes a post, take 2 pulse and bring about. Theory treat: Be good at lienal beneficial is angry, unripe this world goes wet. Advocate square: Be over carry boiling water, water simmer in water is taken.

Empty of kidney of gloomy of liver of 6. lienal empty

Symptom: Empty of liver gloomy kidney, often hold concurrently see food is tie-in and dispirited, ruffian is full, defecate is false wait for disease. Much because taste empty is cold, dereliction of duty of be good at movement, answer for food tie-in place is hurt, food takes a recipe only then reduce, the source that creates biochemistry is insuffici广州夜网 广州夜网ent, allot without blood develop a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale holding the post of afterbirth and bring about empty of liver gloomy kidney. Theory treat: Filling taste, raise animal spirit. Advocate square: 8 precious Tonga is decreased.



Crural Sa上海龙凤1314o itchs cost off a skin is how to return a responsibility

Sole is scratchy this kind o上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所f disease is the situation that can create sole to give cost off a skin likely, the key is the cost off a skin that causes as a result of n/med beriberi or the reason that are crural moss, also be possible because weather is dry,be the sole little water that cause is exuvial, because this suggests we all ought to want to differentiate to be able to give the state of smelly foot, if be the reason as a result of n/med beriberi, ought to want instantly admit cure, the way that chooses rice vinegar for example develops base of hot water bubble disinfection is antiseptic.

1, the foot itchs desquamate is what reason

N/med beriberi causes sole desquamate

N/med beriberi is skin disease of sex of bacterium of a kind of extremely general beads, see friend of Yu Nan sex more commonly, in natural female friend more general also, because basically skin tinea bacterium causes the hair cause of disease of n/med beriberi, n/med beriberi has flow of more serious order, the person case that sole often perspires is severe, ski南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发n tinea bacterium is very easy develop and external diffusion, consequently friend of this kind of basin goes plantar desquamate very easily. The tub that has athlete’s foot is friendly must advertent pace environment is wholesome, diligent Xian foot, take off a shoe frequently.

Skin doing causes plantar desquamate

The person that the skin does causes desquamate of hands or feet very easily, crucial reason is sufficient ministry dry impetuous causes crural skin cell to make oxygen insufficient or power supply is insufficient, cause crural skin the cell is necrotic, the key sends season to be in more season of Qiu Dong season. Friend of this kinds of basin needs to drink water more, eat vegetable more, OK and reasonable relieve symptom.

The body is deficient in vitamin E to cause plantar desquamate

The basin friend of defective vitamin E goes the disease of plantar desquamate very easily, crucial reason is a few a few vitaminic lack that body place needs, it is very easy to cause the skin necrotic cost off a skin. Friend of this kind of basin suggests to eat vegetable and fresh fruit more usually, still can eat some of vitamin E moderately.

Flake disease of laches of sexual cutin layer

Flake disease of laches of sexual cutin layer can cause plantar desquamate not only, more serious basin friend still can continue to bring about the ache of baseboard position, ambulate hardship.

2, the foot itchs how desquamate should do

Flake pine of sexual cutin layer sees disease skin damage only then size of the tube that it is a needle is ivory vesicle, but slowly outspread, central fission produces white bit of plastic paper pattern, also can combine large area cortical flake, be deficient in inflammation characteristic, often mix at the hand the foot is generation of heel part symmetry very, do not have active disease commonly, often cure after number week, easy in dimming heat season breaks out, close normally spell disease of much sweat of bubble having sweat and part, the patient sees an adult more. Cure but apply 10% urea frost, e of D of vitamin of to be taken orally, vitamin.

Cheng Man sex is changed after sole of the centre of the palm of hand of some of the eczema that overflow a gender produces eczema of subacute, acute repeatedly, leather damage basically behaves the place that it is an injury skin fleshy, not smooth, its surface layer has the bit with humble particle, much symmetry arises, hair Xiang. In the doctor specific guidance falls take drug.

3, the foot is urticant desquamate how health care

Want to reduce nervous angst and rage as far as possible. Palmar desquamate really a few make a heart, it is the medical service that the female values an arm very much is protected very, but be perturbed can not handle an issue, instead is met aggravate state of illness. Because this is become a few more exuvial scratchy when, can use composed drug moderately or fight medicines and chemical reagents of constituent propylene amine to adjust a mood.

Avoid lay a finger on as far as possible basic material. Basic material can cause cost off a skin or make exuvial aggravate, accordingly, to periodic exuvial patient, should avoid lay a finger on as far as possible basic material. If soap powder of lay a finger on had better be to wear glue glove, choose as far as possible slant alkaline small soap or wash one’s hands disappear venom.



Posture of 3 kinds of faces reveals the man you are lying

Boast is coxcombical and false, but some people so that the bag Xuan of some level, can apply talk big to decorate design oneself, some people love 南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所talk big, having above the person face look that loves to boast and interrupt following a lot of characteristic.

One, the basic face posture of the person that likes talk big:

1, the mouth is crooked

The person with crooked mouth, one’s words can appear disloyal, it is common mouth no matter crooked, the mouth when perhaps chatting is crooked all belong to this kind of person. Outside creating the kind with crooked mouth due to illness. The mouth below laugh circumstance is crooked, very easy and inadvertently; of speech of sharp words missay but serious consequence is not as crooked as inherent mouth the person with eye protruding.



The symptom after rehabilitate of palace neck operation

In daily life actually our director can hear the issue that palace neck repairs, the lady that is wounded in the light of palace neck especially will tell repair this two words to become welfare to can saying them, the neck repairs the palace that can be major of technology of relatively scientific research in fact to cannot be mixed in order to accomplish former and same practical effect, say this tells female friend 南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发so, ought to care the reproductive health care of oneself more in life daily life.

After doing operation of neck of a few palace to treat commonly can stay all the time on neck of that Zuo palace have a few traumatic, because this a lot of people can choose palace neck to repair, but cannot be accomplished quite however in fact and former and same practical effect, expect we all is in daily life consequently can more clear all-around the ground goes understanding this kind of problem, the palace neck body and mind that has protected oneself is healthy.

“Repair ” 2 word confusing fell is how many youngster! It is the palace neck that digging you in fact! The complication that the operation treats is far rottener than former palace neck chaos has harm more! Naturopathy and the gland canal lock that operation cure can cause palace neck are shut, be short of lose metabolic job ability, palace neck can be sent hard, the influence gives birth to pregnant and very easy fit, also be the backbone force of palace neck cancer. Strong operation treats two years likelihood of it doesn’t matter, but future did not have the palace neck of metabolic job ability,meet necrotic with pathological changes.

Naturopathy and operation cure did not have historical time of how many years, accompanying by the senile word of operation cure person, the person of palace neck cancer can increase greatly!

The endotoxin of only and cleared body, endocrine of take good care of sb, adjust immune ability, increase strength, environment of body of curb bacterium diminish inflammation, change, adjust blood circulation, fight cancer to prevent cancer, complement repairs the nutrient part that necrotic organization needs.

Otherwise all naturopathy also do not have first-rate practical effect with the cure that use drug, just good stand or fall is bad relapse instead answer, suffering can’ts bear character. No matter you are suppository,medicine of a place of strategic importance, to be taken orally takes drug, antibiotic

Infusion bottle, Zuo is naturopathy (be like: Laser, microwave heats, the) such as LEEP of operation of debaucjed of neck of intermediate waves, red light, Bomuguang, palace, if does not promote the immunity of oneself capability, is engraved is the possibility that has show effect. Be after naturopathy is the most special and easy is accessory cyst of phlogistic, endometritis, chocolate, pelvic infection, cystitis!

Operation cure is very dangerous, the comparison of the traumatic rehabilitate that the operation treats is slow, can appear of new agnail, neck of even if palace cicatrizations, also be a bit hard, the canal also sufferred the gland of palace neck to destroy, metabolism and metabolization have block the way! Can appear more of the generation of palace neck rotten chaos.

Also have, applied antibiotic wants discretion, because it can cause a bacterium to be able to bear or endure medicine, grow the bacteria that new-style medical affairs bound cannot name then in the meeting on your body, this kind of new-style bacteria

New antibiosis always was not answered, can overturn cure sometimes without medicine but the place of cure, that kind very miserable.

Above is a few detailed introductions that repair about palace neck, because sundry problem affects the health of palace neck body and mind that comes to oneself,in daily life actually a lot of ladies are met, if ignored gets a word,say so the generation giving birth to pregnant that that Zuo still can continue to will come for oneself is damaged, because this expects female friend is OK,care the reproductive health care of oneself more.



8 skill of bed thing are communicated before sexual life

Around of life of husband and wife is controlled, not be an examination incorrect as good as what analyse individual action case leaves; bedroom or the bed also is not in order to grouse. Choose to let happy, of course area comes to the person and husband is discussed, have the brilliant meal store of privacy space for example.

1, need not lie on the bed to put forward clearly

Around of life of husband and wife is controlled, not be an examination incorrect as good as what analyse individual action case leaves; bedroom or the bed also is not in order to grouse. Choose to let happy, of course area comes to the p上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所erson and husband is discussed, have the brilliant meal store of privacy space for example.



Feminine idea is not difficult as a child detail can detection her

The person is opposite a lot of circumstance the next bit more crucial solve means to be able to show her real purpose normally, because this men also fastened the mood that blames the girl again to be guessed hard, if you notic上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所e her a few keys choose main show, affirmation can see through her.

1, trend sense the very poor, female that drives to often go wrong

Friend of a few men often can receive friend of a few females to confuse the phone of ask for help of the road, this kind of lady is general on individuation very rely on other, love to point to a road instantly especially and do not agree to examine a map to perhaps control a not clear routeOf the graph is such more, if they come up against a thing, often denounce the idea of sex of reinforcements, defective principal part and subjective sex, if she is your daughter-in-law, do old gentleman must become a 24 hour look after, affirmation cannot feel with letting her you did not rely on chart, Can appear otherwise those who do not quarrel and even Gong Xing gives a wall!