Internati上海2020龙凤JGonal figure of China how?

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all19International figure of China how?    International figure of China how? Weather is very good today, before be being compared in the heart a few days smooth also a lot of, london Olympic Games accompanies those who follow a holy fire to go outAgain ” satisfactory ” conclude, outside congratulating the athlete that obtains exceedingly good result, also feel more quite to a few people, a few thingsDeeply touched. One yes ping-pong female sheet, and do not say the judgment is sentenced punish whether to have by accident, also do not carry whether everybody has sympathize withIn the heart of the weak, urge again and again learns appearance together, below the circumstance that punishs cent for many times, still上海龙凤网坛EF adjust state of mind to continue to go all out, veryMuch ball is hit very wonderfully… but I fail to see Li Xiaoxia any comforting and encourage Ding Ning from screen after the matchcamera lens, I saw acid of the acid in the heart, would rather believe to there is close hug in the blind area of camera lens. The 2 4 teams badmin上海2020龙凤ton that are qualification be cancellinged female double athlete. Feel negative race fact belongs to Olympic Games competition ground sincerely notShould, 6000 audiences to the spot also cannot be explained. But tactics is tactics, since had contest to make, Should permit trainer, team member people art of executive photograph accept a challenge. Should not let a player assume the mind that makes contest make to enterThe responsibility that the officials of water should assume, and Li Yongbo uncle, I must want to ask you sincerely, it is to be a country to contend for reallySmooth? Be for your government-owned cap? You invite female double team m上海龙凤网坛TYember people this farce that perform is not the win honour for that it is a country absolutely, It is the face before whole world audience is felt to China black, be shown at that time those who go out is the state that letter of a Lian Cheng does not tellThe home, one does empty to become false nation for small victory, if be the word that keeps a medal with this kind of means, ILook not to want. 3 was to hear the foreign reporter query to Xie Shiwen, o of n of r of o of y e s , does the reporter have quality? StillIt is knock is over medi上海龙凤后花园SFcine comes. The obstruct that facing big country in the new China of rapid development returns meeting more, when when IPeople national environmental protection, medical treatment, education and social security also can seize gold like the Olympic Games same, precede like at the world, IPeople the bogus gent that just can make those

shameless truly people shut up, our country just is true powerful, it is no longerFace project. Still wanting to say is London Olympic Games Organizing Committee, can you extinguish torch to be ignited again? It is to had thought ahead of schedule designedOf arrangement, still affect match of track and field to must carry away really. Still have playground conduit crack, the football ground changesThe report of playing pool, foreign reporter arrives because of the unified car evening of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee 1 Xiaoshi and be forced to stop the spot, andThe report that prohibits be being interviewed to this… I admit, so big match appears small issue is understandable, also do not knowBeijing Olympic Games when appear this kind of circumstance, but London Olympic Games arrives from hardware software, this after allBe swollen? Of course, olympic Games competition ground still signs up for a good news again and again, many athlete breaks Olympic Games record, world record, carryBattle mankind limit, promote Olympic Games spirit. Ho上海漏风419pe to be besides competition ground only can everything is normal, those are unpleasant, What negative event happens is less better. What negative event happens is less better.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-8-17 10:28 editors8 editors



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