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all6Take the time that spend together             Take the time that spend togetherContacting demon animal is coincidence, look at the interest of one steamed stuffed bun that work in the same placing play, oneself decide to try, because had lookedCartoon — I call MT, for that ” girl,上海龙凤后花园 I came ” decisive choice soldier, colleague and little younger brother sayThe dwarf is phyletic natural gift is nice, so the bosom is putting a technology to shed the heart that prevents war, those who witnessed soldier of a dwarf grow. Those who see red name want to be about to rush forward only when the colleague tells me to upgrade for experienced technology, so 17 classIs Mo Dan overcome in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces when decisive to a grade be? ? the player rushed forward red name, the someone did not manage I oneGo to pass, I held out ~ , decisive cast cadaver to revive, half blood is decisive assault, the someone has not managed I, I was held out again~ ~ ~ , the colleague tells me to want full blood to go up, run to red name on the player, eat and drink before him, satiate drink sufficient, Run away decisive assault… that eldest brother of red name is in midday look at the soldier that changes 17 course to be in of risk one’s life needlessly toHis assault, and he had not used 2 above mastery of a skill or technique. Little later younger brother tells me, full level of original other people, and IHit a family not to drop blood namely at all. Little younger brother tells me dozen of carbon is fast, below the circumstance that so I please in all the different kind, let him took me to brush all sorts of this, Bring about him to be opposite now all sorts of this elementary having deep fear, brushing Nuomoruigen night when you to go out oneax when, you had thought, all equipment went out, do not give the tune of ax namely. Eventually 70, the friend tells me to go to hit arena, be filled with joy well went, result friend asks, You do not have outfit of pliable but strong, very cordial ask a friend, is what outfit of pliable but strong? ? The friend is fine fine explain, knew eventually, Hit arena to need to add the equipment of tenacity so, hit carbon to need carbon outfit. Learn one trick again, the friend is decisiveSay, go take you to hit battlefield to mix honorary good transhipment of through carg上海后花园论坛GFo to have, battlefield? Honorar夜上海最新论坛GFy? Took ground, look at the 1 iron on screen2 wood 3 mine, I am insensible in; The field in pressing, protect flag, which where, flag is in which, my kink; LookWear what hit on screen: Who lets you open flag land, know what calls hole frost the wolf not, I am not had thoroughly language. 1 tower is, 2 tower is that, what is mouth glacial blood, should b l also block a mouth to give large ship? ? ? ? ? ? ? The colleague tells me demon to animal arrived full grade just is true enjoyment game, but be group of what family group whenDo not take me, look at my battlefield outfit and carbon outfit to mix wear, in countless people in distaining, I am opposite with them inspect. The friend tells me, have trumpet doing the job, you can be helped, see those who do not have full grade is small every time thenDate helps them kill on my decisive assault strange, trumpet people touch every time say: Hero, let off us, You are the spy that tribal group comes, not you return group group what of old on the offensive is strange, I cannot do the job! I say infirmly infirmlySentence feel embarrassed, of shape of as if nothing happened go away. The brother of labour union asks me, endowment of your soldier what, I say advocate weapon, deputy t , I should do technical shedding to prevent war, The collective in labour union is silent 3 seconds, chairman is decisive the 上海龙凤自荐区end talks this. Eventually one day brother satori, former soldier compares bad start, original shiver field has YY, original personWhen domestic trumpet needs to help, total meeting arrives closely you: Can you give a help? Enter so this later me cannot weapon dayThe ode is entered, be being entered so also is a test originally, do not go on d p s , colonel can become angry th上海龙凤自荐区e ground! It is OK to have gold coin soMix golden group, do not have money to also can mix golden group so, should use d k p to go to equip so young tiger, so to equip oneShould quarrel of labour union, it is OK that uncle should have money namely inside original game, former state is taken lag behind at otherThe version of the area, so I can try other profession, for instance hunter, knight, original, play monster soAnimal when still can know a few more interesting friends, so all equipment won’t drop pasty like the skyLike fall down deal out my ~As version newer, discover suddenly,

the day that upgrades together so is so satisfied, with the elder brother of labour unionPeople play d k together, upgrade one case together the task, although equipment is very poor, but have fun very much really, foundOnce Xiaobai’s feeling. Played a knight later, upgrade alonely, each computation in looking at forum upgrade well course, oneThe travel before the road 80, but as if the passion before doing not have. The road of the knight that upgrade is he does the job, roadThe meeting that l m comes up against on gives them automatically to add f of b u f , see a few jobs that oneself cannot do are decisiveAbandon, take abstruse hill ground, be defeated win as if unlike is so persistent before. Played a hunter again, take darling to upgrade so pretty good also, still played a magician, no wonder law fastens a professionOld kink, of La Zhen use ~ not quiteOf La Zhen use ~ not quite This card is final by Wcd0094 at 2012-9-7 08:01 editor1 editor



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