It 上海花千坊爱上海is good really to give birth to only? In now

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all17It is good really to give birth to only? In nowFather fell ill recently, cerebral block, it is badlier apoplectic, right half action cannot, language barrierHinder, can deliver a few simple speeches only, be in hospital already 15 days, restore to compare nice gift to arrive this degree, the biggestthe wish is the half a lifetime below the old man can oneself tak

e care of oneself. Because of these days of be in hospital our family is mental efforts reallyHand in tired to acme, especially my Mom, fear really tired also disease issues old Mom. Say next my conditions first, not quite not small 28 years old, the girlfriend did not marry, singleton, be in 2The company of line city is a young worker, undergraduate course graduates, salary not much every months 4000 the left and right sides, do not have a room to do not have a car, A month hires a room to have a meal to basically do not leave a few money with respect to remnant, parents is the worker of common unit, show inside to retreat, Two people are added one case in January also 4000, eat and drink basically quite, small town. Return live frugaly to give me this bigSon assemble money buys room Fu Shoufu, work with respect to me that city suburban district the house price of 1 W upgrade, it is distant really, notOver- not such. The room has the family of the car also is not full ave it is, resemble me boy of such labour firewood familyMy resembling is in it is very much that this magical country returns day day. How had not felt tired originally, but since the old man this oneIll, everything begins to have change. The old man is sick, this infirmity edge is must somebody serves, in the home with respect to me this one child, old Mom knowsHiding the truth from is otiose, then made a telephone call to me for a short while, I asked for leave to come home to the company, the kin in the homeFather there with respect to an elder brother, I call father’s elder brother. Tell the truth the body also not very is good, the cousin expresses elder sister a of whatBe in Beijing, one is in Shanghai, serving an old person can be me only with my Mom two individual in rotation fall, look for homemaking to give nurse, One does not have that economy actual strength, 2 coming is not he kiss dad上海贵族宝贝sh1314 who gives the understand without being told on you to consider, day and night, one day tenCondole bottle, my Mom cooks basically by day day shift, I am in the evening commonly evening shift, return a telephone call almost everyday with respect to this companyUrge, lead all sorts of vituperation. It is I kiss dad to lie hospital ah, present person still has human nature to do not have, your dad lies that you canGo? See one old lady turn even the axis in the evening by day. Two old people li上海千花网论坛DCstened g of d a n all one’s life word, ill finally half of medical expenses of be in hospital does not submit an expense account, because ofIt is a doctor to be able to ask you use which drug, submit an expense account cheaply do not have the effect, the effect is good not cure is protected, you become a son, dad liesThat, do you say to use which? In this moment I want to a brotherly sister can discuss more, oneself are fast really tiredMad, even if can replace me one day, likelihood I try hard not quite really, but I believe such is in to resemble me of day dayTrue now there are plenty of such people, cannot see really tomorrow, marry to give birth to the child, that does not want m夜上海论坛网DFoney now, it is really toLook before, the girlfriend that talks now goes out to have a meal shop, that does not want money, I see estimation of my that girlfriend上海2020龙凤UG also wantBlew…The flooey with true mood, send some of complaint, the child of circumstance the next that still needs filial provide for the aged in now is enough really? Fall without sound social welfare system and medical care system? Fall without sound social welfare sys上海龙凤1314419tem and medical care system?? This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-10-14 15:47 editors7 editors



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