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all6Unforgettable 10 years (3)               Past of the 3rd chapterThe following day, the wife went going to work, my person is waited for silently in the home, recumbent bed is carried on the back, smoking slowlySmoke, I considered a lot of issues, memory resembles is the brain that tidewater swarms into me commonly, cannot let me stop momentlyCome. In the past I in the past and she, look a bit miserable that paragraph now, a bit funny, even absurd memory. Of that summer 10 years ago in the evening, I still am a 20 short-haired pelt that be less than first, never had sampled loveThe flavor of affection, flatter oneself understands the true meaning of love, cherish think true love is watched oneself, what I began meLove. Not, say that does not calculate at all exactly on love, because, did not pull a hand, did not kiss, withoutYour Nong Wonong, without romantic what, it is the thing that a reluctance can say is confess merely, have onlyAnother not tire of its irritated short message, the one telephone call that understands another to be not hit, with that already dirty ursine young. “Hello, ” I say ” I am in class, return pretty to like to a perso夜上海论坛RTn, let me ever felt hopeful today…… ” ” who ah? Is then the individual? ” ” do you want to know really? You must not tell others. ” ” those who know, Say quickly. ” ” that individual… it is you. ” ” ah? False really, are you cheating me? ” ” I am treatedLove is very serious. ” ” but… I had not talked about amative hey… ” ” I also am done not have, no more than is sent namelyShort message, call, see a mo夜上海最新论坛HRvie. ” ” that… hey, you were not cheating me really, if you cheat meWord, I you big discharge 8. ” ” do not have. ” I am a bit helpless, more it is happy. such, weBegan, I do not understand this calculates do not be love, after knowing 10 years I still do not understand today, just, likeMove the sort of her mood, actually is too heavy, let me want to forget, do not forget. Tell the truth, I feel my love is a bit babyish up to now, not, be very babyish. Did not pull a hand, Did not kiss, some is frozen character only. But, I do not regret, at the outset, present, I not hindRegret. This is not to have replaceable thing, everybo爱上海龙凤419论坛dy is grabbed do not go, who also cannot look down upon, this is most me the truestin the past, my emotive is recorded. Imperc夜上海论坛网eptible, the day had been close to dusk, had not had a thing all day long, my abdomen began to shift to an earlier dateProtest. Display vigour next spirit, I issued a bed, go trying to seek a bit food in freezer. Be in this moment, The phone rang. “Hello? ” ” … ” ” hello? Who ah? ” the phone that I think is the sort of mischief is hit. “I. ” oneSound lets me rectify individual insecurity to rise immediately. “What thing is there? ” ” that, ” that sound has the telephone call dotHesitant, “The child, ill, attack of fever, very serious, my person does not have method, you, is there time now? Is there time now?? “All right, I am now in the home, you wait, I come over immediately. ” hang next phones, I took the key to go out, On board, I sent a short message to say I do not go back to the wife had a meal. Reach her home when, I discover her oneThe in上海龙凤阁dividual sits beside the bed, the child looks very painful look, sleep by, she sees I came, resemble seeingEmancipator is same. I get on child newspaper the car immediately, she went to along with together hospital. “Thank you, there is not your word today, I do not know how to should do. ” outside sickbed, she is saying to me. “NotWhat. ” my say ” you, a person looks after children too painstaking, how do you do when is the child sick before? How do you do when is the child sick before?? “I request the neighbour next door and me to go together every time, her as it happens went out today, so I… ” she is jumped overSay to jump over light, finally a few words, I see her mouth is being moved only, do not listen however. “That he? He this kind of thing is in charg

e of? ” ” he is away on official business all the time, wait for rarely in the home, prep let alone this kind of thing. ” I listened to be gotten slightly a bitIndignant, I also do not know why I can get angry, just, gas does not hit the feeling that one point comes to be full of me immediatelyAll over. After returning the home, had been at 12 o’clock. The wife slept, I doffed jacket wearily, hold up opens a quilt, lieOn the bed, fine fine ground is considering the issue that produces today, in the heart secretly resolved. In the heart secretly resolved.. This card is final by A809 at 2013-1-2 19:14 editors4 editors



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