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lag bottom. The adrift on board case is worn a few flowers. Faint nose is light Mo Xiang. Time is supple, deep and remote careless leisurely, wave light is cr夜上海论坛ystalline, clear heart Zhan Ran. On the ground and sit, enjoy a Jing Yi, that vernal sunshine is warm approve warmly fall to go up personally, wave resembling moustache is diffuse a上海千花nd samekiss and. Cloud drift winds around, blow gently of a pigeon and return. Reply going there and back, cry chirp vast sky. Knowing is who is swept pastOf the ground brightness red, the mountain peak that stand still unexpectedly a beauty! Answer eye gently — that picture is too strong, I dare not look, touch terrified as clear as chilly soul. The instant, longLong back float at eye, abstruse and chill eyes Tibet kisses affection indefinitely completely. Time decorated everything. Only alone desolatehis feeling, accompanying small Gong Yuguang, he is slowgoing and go, kept hazy track. Province and impress however go no further, Low chin without lang上海花千坊1314uage. Tear seizes delay of the socket of eye tiny stream. See fall in grind oldly on late, threw ray of lofty or bottomless. Rouge tear, whoWipe? Small grass is sweet, late wind is raided. Mop fights a tear, fall red makeup! Daytime is blatant person busy, basket of curtain of night takes heart care. Dusk grey fine is gloomy, did not know whose home to shine tender lights idle of auspicious Jing You. Pursue the lamplight of that bright. Gently I went, stayed to change bright footmark. Long parted encounter and memory are beautiful blend. See skirt have a rest, Fear the dream of the late night, crouch in window lattice edge. Defend the bright moon one round, how about? Float is unripe, human society. Mo Ran this person. OneAlone heart, want the beauty of jumpy this life as before, the morning dew that meets first sun rays in the morning…The morning dew that meets first sun rays in the morning… This card is final by Shu Zuo at 2012-9-25 08:13 editors3 editors



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